How to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection?

By | July 31, 2022
How to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection?

In this post, you have shared the way to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection. We also inform you of all the important data that’s related to the Indane Gas connection.

Causes for Indane Gas Deactivation

There are usually two reasons for this-

  • 6-month unuse of indane gas booking.
  • By your request.

What You need for Reactive Indane Gas Connection.

To reactivate Indane Gas Connection, you may have to be compelled one form, Then You will need to submit this form to the Indane gas agency or Indane Gas Distributor.

Indane Gas Reactivation Form :

The Indane Gas Reactivation form is available for download on the Indane Gas website. However, if this link is not working. You can download this from our site.

Application for reactivation of gas connection can also be collected from an Indane gas distributor.

Individuals are required to enter the following details in the form:

letter format for reactivation of gas connection

  • Name of distributor
  • Consumer number
  • Consumer’s full name
  • Reason for not availing refills for more than 6 months
  • The consumer’s signature
letter format for reactivation of gas connection

Process flow :

  • KYC form duly filled in with all details if not submitted earlier. In case of a change in address, a copy of proof of address is to be cross-checked with the original.
  • The distributor shall check the consumer number and name and tally the signature with the SV if available or take a proof of identity. The distributor shall also check the KYC form for its completeness. Based on the above the process of re-activation will be done. However, the connection will not be re-activated in case the same appears in the list of suspected multiple connections. In such a case, the distributor will get it verified and the customer will be asked to surrender the connection.

So today In this post, we learned the way to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection.

For any query to Indane gas connection transfer contact customer support of Indian Oil.

Thanks for reading. If you have any advice or report kindly comment below.

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  1. Sumit Kumar

    Thanks, Very helpful post.
    Kindly can you say how I can reactive my Bharat gas connection ?


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