Indane Gas Connection Transfer: Know-How?

By | July 31, 2022
Indane Gas Connection Transfer

In this post, I will share with you what steps need to be taken in case of Indane gas connection transfer?

Type Of Indane Gas Connection Transfer

There are two types of Indane gas connection transfer methods available –


These points will tell what to do when the transfer has to take place within the same city, just at a different address.

  • The distributor needs to issue an Authorization code for the production of a subscription voucher, also known as SV in brief form. This electronic Customer Transfer Advice or e-CTA will be valid for three months from the date it has been issued.
  • The new distributor is advised to check these documents (Authorization code and SV) after which he would enroll the consumer for a new connection in the city. Consumers need to make sure that the distributor returns back the original SV after the process of checking is done. SV should be kept safely by the consumer as it is a very important document in this respect.
  • Consumers need to carry their cylinder and regulator along with them, as they will not get a new cylinder. They will just get an Indane new connection at the new address.


These points will elucidate the steps involved in the transfer of gas connections from one city to another.

  • While changing the city, consumers are expected to surrender their names and return the cylinder and connection. They need to issue a Terminator Voucher of the city where they were presently living. Also, they need to refund whatever amount is mentioned in the SV, while surrendering the equipment. TV is valid for one year from the date of its commencement, and this important document should be carefully kept by the customers.
  • It is notable that the Domestic Gas Consumer card does not need to be submitted. The same card can be used elsewhere too after the distributor gives a new connection.
  • You can also claim connection at a new place by simply paying the deposit amount as mentioned in the TV. The customer needs to collect his new SV as soon as possible, keeping it safe and sound.

For any query to Indane gas connection transfer contact customer support of Indian Oil.

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