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LPG Gas Subsidy Started Again From (21 May 2022)

Friends, in this post we are going to talk about LPG gas subsidy. in which the governmentA new update has been brought from the side, in which all of you are now going to get a subsidy of two hundred rupees from the government on LPG gas cylinder. But this Lpg gas subsidy is going… Read More »

Indane Gas Connection Transfer: Know-How?

In this post, I will share with you what steps need to be taken in case of Indane gas connection transfer? Type Of Indane Gas Connection Transfer There are two types of Indane gas connection transfer methods available – INTERCITY TRANSFER These points will tell what to do when the transfer has to take place… Read More »

How to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection?

In this post, you have shared the way to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection. We also inform you of all the important data that’s related to the Indane Gas connection. Causes for Indane Gas Deactivation There are usually two reasons for this- 6-month unuse of indane gas booking. By your request. What You need for Reactive… Read More »