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By | July 26, 2022

Brahmastra Part One – Shiva, an Indian Hindi-language fantasy adventure movie written and directed Ayan Mukerji is currently in production. It’s produced by Karan Johar and Apoorva Melhotra along with Namit Malhotra and Mukerji, under the banners Dharma Productions and Starlight Pictures. Star Studios is associated with Prime Focus. Ranbir Kapoor, Marijke Desouza and Mukerji independently co-produced it. The film stars Amitabh, Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. It is part of Astraverse’s cinematic universe and will serve as the first in a trilogy.

Brahmastra was first announced in July 2014. However, it was delayed for several years. Principal photography was completed over five years, from February 2018 through March 2022. Filming locations included Varanasi, London, New York and New York. The COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in production and release multiple times. The film’s VFX work was done by DNEG, as Prime Focus and Namit Malhotra produced it. [3] The film will be released in standard formats, 3D and IMAX 3D by Star Studios with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures as the global distributor.

Brahmastra: Part One- Shiva was produced with an estimated budget at 300 crore (US$38million). It is the most expensive Indian film. After Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, it is the first Star Studios film.

Do you know the name of the one who runs this world is Shiva? But they are also called destroyers, sometimes they destroy the old ones to start a new world, then Shiva became a hero or a villain? The question is interesting but to know the answer you will have to wait for few more months till September ask why?

Because then Brahmastra is going to be released, a story that has been written many years ago, but very few people know about it. I guarantee no one can kill this film Ignore Indian cinema can change this film forever and ever, the most feared was the small word of three letters about VFX, but in the trailer, the matter was reversed VFX is not the weakness of the Brahmas, the biggest strength seems to be, till date, you must not have seen this level of special forces in any Bollywood film, now look, don’t sit down to compare with DC Marvel because there are three thousand crores and three hundred from here.

So brother will get this much for so much money, it is very difficult to show the world that Ayan Mukerji has created in his mind to others and for this it is very important to use his VFX properly and seeing the trailer it seems that he Special Lee has passed in his mission, which is the theme of Agni, which is represented by Ranbir Kapoor, it has been presented in a very exciting way in the trailer, one thing notice that you are the saviors in the trailer, the good people who protect oleto They have been given the power of blue light and on the other side the evil character is shown to them, with the help of red light, they are dark all around, but in Ranbir’s scenes you will get to see both the replacement blue colors, which means good inside them. It is still there and how dark will his hero bow down now, he will decide the future of the story of the film Boss, people who are speaking, told everything in the trailer, it is just a hoax, the real story is far ahead of our thinking Music after VFX The second is the thing that completes the trailer or else the eyes are on the vee. FX

Would have impressed but until that bribery noise is heard in the ears, then where is the fun and the backbone of this trailer has proved to be the music of the film Even Arijit Singh’s Kesadia Song was also inserted in the trailer in this way. Which is making the trailer more effective without disturbing the team of the film, there are only three things that I personally found missing in the trailer first, the dialogues are a bit weak type, be it one liners between Ranbir Alia, Pyaar Wale or else. Amitabh sir’s describing Brahmastra, the impact is a bit missing, second thing is a little sabotage in the action trailer, there seems to be a lack of action, just the end of the film, no compromise will be done in this matter, we don’t want only love story third thing trailer this It is cut in a way that only cinema lovers will feel excited after seeing the discussion on mythology, there is nothing like this with mummy papa grandparents, now look at this, it is very angry to see people in action who are in vain against the film. want to spread some avengers cheap

If someone considers himself cool by copy lyrics, then someone wants to prove himself intelligent by doing video games, some great people start talking about Cartoon Network brother, this trailer is like a loud slap for you guys, wake up from sleep but It just hasn’t happened, let the whole film come, then you will be fed the entire main course of insult, Brahmastra is not a perfect film, but there is an attempt to try something new in Indian cinema, on one hand you make fun of the remake and on the other hand the original subject. Don’t even support, don’t do such a lousy work, man, you guys also throw your thoughts and kill them, Ranbir too Alia, this pair will be a super hit by the theater or else the Bollywood Hollywood path is also a little longer, only one film will not work, by the way, Mouni Roy, Naagin 2. Point to Avatar Amitabh Sir, the keepers of this world, these Nagas, Arjun Sir Secret Weapon Supporting actors, how much power did you take, will you strengthen or weaken this fun? Tell me man, if you liked something in the rest of the video by writing below or if you want to complain, then I will meet you on Instagram or else a little

wait i will see you in next video ok bye bye

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