Gas booking number changed for Indane customers, know the new number


The number has been changed for gas booking of Inden Gas.  If you are an Indian user and don’t know the new number, then you may face a problem.  The company has given its information to all users through a message on its registered mobile number.  A message has been issued from the company saying that the Inden booking number has changed, now call 7718955555 and book gas.  Earlier the number to book was 9911554411.

If you want to book through WhatsApp, it’s easier.  His WhatsApp number is 7588888824. Type REFILL on WhatsApp and send a message to this number.  For that, it is necessary to send the message from the registered mobile number.  If you do not send WhatsApp messages from the registered mobile number, then this facility will not be availed.

OTP facility from 1 November

 So there is going to be a change in the delivery rules of LPG gas cylinders from November 1.  Now OTP will be required to buy gas cylinder.  Oil companies are implementing new systems to prevent gas theft and identify the right customer.  It is named Delivery Authentication Code (DAC).  At present, the government gives subsidy on 12 LPG cylinders in a year.

 If the mobile number is wrong, you will get an update

 Delivery Authentication Code (DAC) will be implemented in 100 smart cities first.  For that, a pilot project is already running in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.  Under this system, a code will be sent to the customer on the registered mobile number after booking the cylinder.  The cylinder will be delivered after showing the code to the delivery person.  If the customer’s mobile number is not updated, the delivery person will update it in real time through an app and generate a code.  Implementation of this system will cause hardship to those people whose number or address is wrong.  Delivery of gas cylinders may be stopped due to wrong information.  After 100 smart cities it will be implemented in other cities.  This system will not be applicable to commercial cylinders.

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