Now make booking of HP, Bharat, Indane Gas Cylinder on these numbers, save in mobile today


Good news for gas cylinder customers, now you can book LPG Gas Cylinder from home.  You don’t have to go anywhere or bother for this.  Government oil companies are providing WhatsApp and SMS facility to customers to refill LPG.  Customers of Bharat Gas Cylinder, one of India’s largest petroleum companies Indian Gas Cylinder, and HP Gas Cylinder can easily avail this facility to get cylinders at home

These are the five different ways to book LPG gas cylinders-

By talking to a gas agency or distributor

3 Online booking by visiting the website

 4 By sending a text message to the company’s WhatsApp number

 5 By downloading Inden’s app

Bharat Gas customers should book cylinders in this way

 To book Bharat Gas, you have to save 1800224344 (Bharat Gas Whatsapp Booking number) in your mobile.

After saving the number, you have to go to WhatsApp.  After this, open the saved Bharat Gas i.e. Bharat Petroleum smart line number.

After this, send Hii, Hello on WhatsApp and immediately a reply will be received, which will be welcomed by the agency on WhatsApp.

 Whenever you want to book a cylinder, send Book by typing Book on WhatsApp app.  As soon as you book and send, you will get the order details and on which day the cylinder will be delivered, also on WhatsApp.

This is how Inden Gas customers book cylinders

 Indane Gas customers can book on 7588888824 (Indane Gas Whatsapp Booking number).

 Users save this number 7588888824 in their mobile.

 After that open WhatsApp app.  Open the saved number and send by typing Book or send by typing Book or REFILL# from your registered number.

 The order will be completed as soon as you type REFILL# and send it.

 When the cylinder booking will be delivered in the reply, its date will also be written.

HP customers can book cylinders by-

HP customers should save this number 9222201122 (HP Gas Cylinder Whatsapp Booking number 9222201122) in their mobile.

After saving this number, open the WhatsApp app and open the saved number.

Write Book on saved HP gas cylinder number and send.

 Details will be sent on WhatsApp as soon as you book from your registered number to this HP Gas number.

Complete details including delivery date of cylinder will be written in it.

 Get the registered number

 Let us tell you that you can book a gas cylinder with the same number, which is the number you have registered with the agency.  You cannot book without registering the gas cylinder.

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