LPG Cylinder: Budget-day update, know LPG cylinder prices in Indian cities here

The budget will be presented today.  Finance Minister Nirmal Sitharaman will present the final budget of the second term of the Modi government today.  Meanwhile let’s find out the price of LPG gas for home consumption and commercial.  LPG gas prices are updated on the 1st of every month.  Let us tell you that after the budget 2021, the price was increased by 100 rupees.

 If we talk about today, a commercial LPG cylinder is Rs.1769 in Delhi, Rs.1870 in Calcutta, Rs.1721 in Mumbai and Rs.1917 in Chennai.  No price change has been recorded in either home consumption or commercial

.If the price increased so much in February

Three days after the budget 2021, the price of bottles for domestic consumption was increased.  In which an increase of Rs.25 was recorded.  In Delhi, its price went up from Rs.694 to Rs.719.  Then on 11th day i.e. on February 15, the price of the cylinder increased and the new price was Rs.769.  That is a huge increase of 50 rupees.  This trend continued and after 10 days the price of the bottle increased by Rs.25 to Rs.794.

If we talk about this year, LPG cylinder has become expensive from Delhi to Patna.  1 January 2023 There will be no increase in domestic consumption rates.  But the price of commercial cylinder increased by Rs.25.  Also on July 6, 2022, the price of household appliances was increased.  The increase was Rs.50.  In Delhi, the household consumption bill has been increased by a total of 153.5 rupees.

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