Indane Gas Booking Online Registration Login New Connection Agency Phone Number Status And Payment

Indane Gas Booking Online

Indane Gas Company is the largest LPG marketer in India and the second-largest in the world. Indane was developed and owned by Indian Oil Corporation in India. So Indane Gas Booking is the digital way of booking indane gas cylinders.

Introductions of Indane Gas Booking :

Indane gas is one of the leading LPG manufacturers and suppliers from the Indian Oil Corporation in India. It was initiated in the 1970s. It is a public sector undertaking that provides both domestic as well as non-domestic LPG cooking gas supply. Indane gas has been one of the very popular LPG suppliers in India with every second LPG connection being an Indane gas connection.

Indane gas distributes approximately 1.20 million cylinders every day to more than 5.8 million customers throughout India. The majority of the Indane Gas market is comprised of rural and semi-urban areas. In recent years, Indane has been aggressively increasing its market share in urban areas as well.

With the introduction of Indane in semi-urban and rural areas, the old kitchen condition in these places improved drastically. Rural women can now safely cook food without any hassles such as smoke and firewood. Indane gas provides ISI standard, high-quality hoses, regulators, stoves, and other important accessories which have added to the safety and security of women in both urban and rural areas.

Today, it has started online booking with which Indane customers can now book their refills online. With this move, the urban, fast-paced customer may not have to step out of the house or call any office. Instead, they can utilize the services of Indane Gas online booking. This online booking has now started in Delhi and Chandigarh cities as a pilot project for registered customers.

As online booking picks up demand, it will be introduced in other parts of the country as well. After the customer registration is complete they can book refills online and check the status using Indane Gas Online booking status. Indane gas online booking status is a related service that is also being offered by Indane. It is an important service because today, customers can now know the status of their refill booking in a matter of minutes through Indane Gas Online booking status.

Yet another service apart from Indane Gas online booking status is the Indane Gas distributor locator. Online Indane Gas distributor locator is also an important tool. This is because people relocate from one location to another location or from one city to another city. In a new city, finding an Indane Gas distributor can be hard, but with an online Indane Gas distributor locator, customers may be able to locate Indane Gas distributors very easily.

With such online services as Indane Gas online booking status viewer and Indane Gas distributor locator, Indane customers can now be at ease and may not have to rely on disparate sources for precise and accurate information about Indane Gas distributors and information related to refill booking.

Today, Indane Gas provides services such as SMS booking in cities such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Patna, Visakhapatnam, etc. With SMS services, customers can send SMS from their registered mobile phone to the Indane Gas SMS number. The number can be found on the official website of Indane Gas.

IVRS is Interactive Voice Response Service that customers can use to make their refill bookings. These new systems are helping in easing the ways to reach Indane Gas to make refill bookings.

For any other assistance, customers may also call Indane Gas Customer Care Support which offers both toll-free numbers 18002333555 across India so that customers can call and get all the details that they want.

Indane Gas Booking Online Registration :

  1. See the website of Indane Gas for web gas booking.
  2. As soon as you obtain on the most page of the website you’ll observe web links for brand spanking new Customers, Alreadying existing consumers, Distributors, officers, and Plant.
  3. If you’re booking your gas online for an initial time, you need to develop your profile by sending different specifics like State, Location, Distributor, Customer Name, Customer Number, Mobile Number, Landline Number, Email Id, address, etc.
  4. Click on the send switch after completing all the information.
  5. As soon as your details are sent, you’ll proceed to consumer login by going into the pertinent information and also submit the Login Switch.
  6. Once you logged in, you would possibly select Refill Booking > Customer > Book Refill. On successful booking your Booking Referral No. is created instantly.

Indane Gas Booking Online Process :

  • visit the official website of Indane Gas Official Website from our site Useful Links Sections. Then click on the online booking web link.
Indane gas booking online registration
  • Then fill up this form.
  • After Registration, you need to log in and offer the customer id number which is provided at the time of taking up the connection.
  • Mention your address, contact as well as name number, and also e-mail id.
  • After the conclusion, all the above-mentioned steps then make the payment.
  • The settlement could be done online by using their credit card.

Within a couple of days, a totally Refilling Indane Gas cylinder is provided to the consumer’s residence by the shipping guy.

To know the Full Process of Indane Gas Booking Online Read this Article. 

Indane Gas Booking Registration Full Process

Indane Gas Booking Registration Full Process

Other Steps For Doing Indane Gas Booking :

Apart from internet booking, Indane additionally supplies some other ways of booking an LPG Connection.

It can be done from the phone as well as could likewise be done by sending an SMS.
Indane has made the booking extremely simple for its consumers as well as it can be done anytime because it is a 24 human resources service.
The customer ID number is the one that is provided to the customer at the time of the gas link. So this is the number that needs to be kept by the client to obtain the refilling service.

detail step of indane gas booking

Once the internet booking treatment is finished you will certainly obtain a response from Indane Gas executives to finish the more steps.

Indane Gas Booking By SMS :

To further grow the comfort of Indane gas booking to customers, Indane Gas permits the purchasers to gook gas from their phone any time of the day. To use the SMS booking facility kindly register your mobile number through IVRS System. Once the registration is simply done, simply book a cylinder by typing IOS to the respective IVR number of your area. Then you’ll get an SMS alert about your Indane Gas Refill Booking and delivery details etc.

indane Gas Booking Missed Call Number

Indane Gas Booking By Missed Call | Indane Gas Booking Missed Call Number

Necessary Documents for Indane Gas Connection :

To secure a brand-new Indane gas connection, you need to comply with documents

  • A copy of your electricity bill, a duplicate of your telephone costs.
  • A duplicate of your passport as identity proof.
  • A copy of your citizen address or the flat ownership email’s duplicate.
  • A copy of your PAN card and also a duplicate of your ration card.

Steps to Be Complied With After File Submission :

You should submit all the above papers to the local Indane gas branch. After the effective booking of Indane Gas Connection.
You need to gather and also maintain a few of the files like subscription vouchers and also domestic gas customer cards. This card would be used to track all your gas products.

Security Deposit for New Booking of Indane Gas Connection :

The Indane gas new link for a cylinder of 14.2 kilograms needs to pay a safety deposit of around 1250 for non-northeastern states people.
It is rs.900 for seven northeastern states people. The down payment for the cylinder of 5 kilograms is rs.350, and also for the cylinder of 19 kg is approximate rs.1500.

Indane Gas Booking New Connections Price :

Sr NoTariff HeadTowns with Population < 10 lacs (Rs)Towns with Population >10 lacs and < 20 lacs (Rs)Towns with Population > 20 lacs (Rs)
1 (a)Security Deposit for Cylinder (14.2 kg) – in the rest of India, except the North Eastern States In the seven North Eastern States1450.001450.001450.00
(b)Security Deposit for Cylinder (5 kg)350.00350.00350.00
(c)Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg)1700.001700.001700.00
(d)Security Deposit for LOT Valve1500.001500.001500.00
(e)Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg with LOT Valve)3200.003200.003200.00
(f)Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg)4300.004300.004300.00
(g)Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg with LOT Valve)5800.005800.005800.00
2Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator150.00150.00150.00
3Hotplate Inspection charges at the time of the release of a new connection250.00250.00250.00
4Installation/Demonstration charges for New Connections50.0050.0050.00
5Administrative charges for the release of DBC50.0050.0050.00
6Administrative charges seeking confirmation of Termination voucher(TV)/CTA/Transfer terminations voucher.00.0000.0000.00
7Mechanic visit charges other than leakage (cylinder and PR Leakage complaints are attended to free of charge)75.0075.0075.00
8Administrative charges for issuance of DGCC including the cost of DGCC50.0050.0050.00
9Mechanic charges for mandatory inspection of domestic installation75.0075.0075.00
10Damaged Safety cap Replacement2.002.002.00

What Is The Latest Indane Gas Booking Number?

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has created one uniform, also known as the common number to book Indane LPG refill booking across India. In an announcement on Twitter, Indian Oil Corporation stated that the Indane IVRS number is now a uniform number for the convenience of customers. The new number for IVRS to be used that will be assigned to the Indane refill is 7198955555.

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